In 2010 the total carbon dioxide equivalent emission of PT. Freeport Indonesia reached 3.23 million metric tons, which mainly originated from the incineration of fuel by transportation trucks and electricity power plants. Since we produce all our electricity, this is classified as direct emission. The emission in 2010 is larger compared to 2009 in line with the increase of our mining level, which needed longer transportation trucks, and the increase of the underground ore level, which needed more transportation trucks and large electricity capacity.

The main component of our direct emission is related to the mining equipments. Our main supplier has determined the company objective to reduce the greenhouse gas emission of its products amounting to 25% until 2020. In the short term we will focus on the improvement of the operation efficiency of our transportation truck fleet as a system to reduce direct emission.

The management on the air emission produced by the Mahaka Limestone/Lime Factory, Concentrate Drying Factory, Steam Powered Electricity Plant (PLTU) and emission from moveable vehicles is by following the applicable government regulations and licensing. The procedure of maintenance, prevention and control is carried out in accordance with the license requirements. The emission monitoring is carried out routinely by internal or external parties.