PT. Freeport Indonesia supports a program that actively reaches the community in order to support employees and the local people to become more aware of the environment. This program utilizes the Reclamation Pilot Area of Tanggul Ganda, the natural ecosystem in its surroundings, and activities related to the environment, such as the environmental laboratory means and waste processing means. This program is focused on students and teachers but it also includes other stakeholders, such as employees, government official, local non governmental organizations, media, and government security unit members. The activities in commemorating the Earth Day, World Environment Day, and Clean City Day were enthusiastically followed by the local community.

During these last several years we have supported the implementation of the Environmental Education Program at schools near the area of PT. Freeport Indonesia. The Environmental Impact Control Agency (Bapedalda) of Papua is adopting this program to be implemented at all schools in Papua. PT. Freeport Indonesia has supported in the development of its curriculum.

Environmental Education Program is done early in the schools near the work area of Freeport