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18 October 2018

Implementing CSR, Freeport Focuses On Four Sectors

Freeport received appreciation at the Top CSR Award 2018 event. Freeport managed to achieve three awards simultaneously, namely Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2018; Top CSR 2018 in the Mining sector; and Top CSR 2018 for the Infra Structure Program.

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03 October 2018

Freeport Indonesia Has 75 Female Operators at Grasberg

PT Freeport Indonesia has female employees operating heavy equipment. According to a PTFI report, the female operators number 75.

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13 July 2018

Ridge Camp Employees Flocking to Newly-Opened Cinema, Karaoke Rooms at Superblock

The more than 13,000 employees at Ridge Camp already have been enjoying the Super Block’s cafeteria, fitness center, and recreational hall with pool, ping pong and foosball tables, but things really kicked up a notch this summer.

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09 July 2018

Grasberg Block Cave puts Women in Literal Groundbreaking Role

A group of 75 women are not only trailblazers, but they are literal groundbreakers as remote equipment operators at the Grasberg Block Cave.

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18 June 2018

Joy of Triumphant Day in Jobsite

Takbir echoed as mountain fog crawled up over Tembagapura, accompanying the Freeport Indonesia’s Muslim community welcomed the arrival of the day of triumph, the 1st Syawal 1439 H.

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11 June 2018

Saving Time and Money with the Idul Fitri 2018 Flight

Since 2011, PTFI by way of its Industrial Relations Division has been providing Idul Fitri flights for employees going on leave to celebrate the Lebaran holiday in their home villages in Papua.

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05 June 2018

Freeport Invites Orphans to a Collective Breaking the Fast Function

PT Freeport Indonesia organized a Breaking the Fast evening for 1,000 orphans from 22 foundations in the Jabodetabek area.

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28 May 2018

Committed to Supporting Government for a TB-Free Indonesia

PT Freeport Indonesia is actively taking part in a partnership forum at the national level on TB (Tuberculosis), Forum STOP TB Partnership Indonesia (FSTPI).

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14 April 2018

Spirit to Move On with the Strength in Values

The entire Freeporters community in Tembagapura mingle in the celebration of the 51st anniversary of PT Freeport Indonesia on Saturday, April 7.

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30 March 2018

Development Programs Based on Local Wisdom Boosting Community’s Incomes

PTFI’s SLD Department by way of its Community Economic Development officially launched a Karaka aquaculture program for the Kamoro tribe, at MP 15 on Tuesday (20/3).

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